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Refugee Committee of the Roma / Ashkali / Egyptians

Objective: Direct involvement in the activities implemented for the refugee issue in Macedonia on an initiative given since 2000.

Activity: Informing all refugees about their situation, organizing meetings, asking for help, advocating for the education of Roma refugee children, developing a network of communication with refugees from the region.
The Refugee Committee is supported by UNHCR Skopje, OSCE Mission Macedonia, NGO ARKA-Help, ROSH from Suto Orizari Skopje. All activity is coordinated by RCC “DROM”

Location: Skopje-camps Katalanovo and Shuto Orizari, Gostivar, Tetovo, Kumanovo

Funder: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw.

Education Support Center “VRAMA SI”

Primary activity: Assistance in writing homework, preparing for class and learning Macedonian language for preschool groups.
Secondary activity: Computer course, excursions, visits to the cinema, theater, visit to the ZOO, art workshop.

Goal: To help Roma students achieve better results in school. The center plays the role of second parents, due to the large percentage of illiterate or semi-literate parents. Educators and assistants work with the children. During the realization we realize cooperation with the elementary school “Hristijan Karpos”.

Target group: 173 children aged 5 to 14 years from the settlements Zhivkova Karpa, Stari Lozja and Bavchi.

Location: Kumanovo

Financier: FOSIM


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