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Humanitarian aid for refugees

Activity: Distribution of food aid to families, school supplies and funds for Roma, Serb refugee students.

Target group: 50 families and 10 students for financial support.

Location: Kumanovo and Miladinovci

Financier: Caritas Autumn Skopje

Puppet show

Activity: Roma Cultural Educational Center DARHIJA Skopje performed a theatrical play for Roma children.

Location: Kumanovo


Activity: Non-formal education for Roma children aged 7 to 14. Recreational, educational and entertaining programs enable children to more easily adapt to school obligations.

Target group: 55 Roma students (refugee children from Kosovo, children from poor families).

Location: Kumanovo

Financier: Italian organization Chevy through the ECO office.
Realization: DROM in partnership with H.O. Mother.

The future of the Roma – non-formal education

Objective: The main goal of the project is literacy, learning the Macedonian language and health education.

Target group: The project covered 80 Roma children who are divided into four groups. These are children from poor families, children returning from Europe, refugee children and street children. Children aged 6 to 14 were included.

Location: Kumanovo

Financier: Union of Jews in partnership with Romano Dialogue from the Swiss, Swiss and Canadian Embassies.

Roma Influence on Politics and Practice in Central and Eastern Europe

Project implemented in partnership with Roma organizations. DROM’s activities in the project were coordinated by the main partner organization Roma Centar Skopje.

Project supporter: MRG Minority Rights Group London – England

A step forward – Informatics courses

Target group: 80 people – Roma, Macedonians, Serbs, Albanians of different ages, temporarily displaced persons due to the war in Macedonia. The project enabled the acquisition of computer skills and the development of interethnic tolerance.

Location: Kumanovo

Financier: ARC-American Resque Commite Most-Kumanovo and RPP – Roma Participation Program.

All different all equal and Multimedia CD Informer of DROM

Activity: Interethnic Tolerance Project, implemented in cities throughout Macedonia Skopje, Veles, Prilep, Delchevo, Stip, Strumica, Kocani and Kumanovo. Within the project realized in honor of the International World Roma Day, on April 8, a round tribune and a cultural event were realized, at which the multimedia CD Informant of the CRZ “DROM” was promoted.

Location: Macedonia

Financier: Pax Christie – Dutch organization and RPP Budapest.

NGO Fair

At the first NGO fair in Skopje organized by MCIC CRZ Drom participated with a presentation of its activities.

Location: Skopje

Financier: FOSIM and RCC DROM.

Roma in war and crisis situations

Activity: Round tables dedicated to the war crisis in the Balkans and Macedonia and the position of the Roma.
Target group: Government representatives, Roma political parties, NGOs, Roma leaders from Europe (Roma National Congress and International Roma Union).
The roundtables are part of the Roma and Stability Pact in Southeast Europe project.

Location: Macedonia

Funder: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw, in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Macedonia, the Council of Europe and the Municipality of Suto Orizari.

Roma and the Constitution of Macedonia

Activity: The Framework Agreement was signed in Macedonia and the Roma were not included and thus did not have a clear picture of this document. The round table in which prof. Gjorgji Ivanov, Prof. Tanja Petrusevska, Roma lawyer Shaban Saliu, Mayor Nezdet Mustafa, Mirce Tomovski, journalist, Alain Le Roa, mediator-representative of the European Union and Roma representatives contributed to the recognition of Roma rights in the new Constitution.

Unlimited peace

Activity: Campaign for tolerance, interethnic cooperation and open dialogue with government institutions.

Director: CIVIL – Skopje

Donor: Pax Christie

Partner: RCC DROM

Training for local mediators

Goal: Roma activists and refugees from the Balkans to gain knowledge about working in their countries as local mediators.

Target group: 23 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia with Vojvodina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia and Macedonia.
The project is implemented through the Roma and Stability Pact project in Southeast Europe.

Location: Skopje

Funder: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw and Council of Europe through the European Commission, in cooperation with CRZ-DROM and Romani Chris Romania and OSCE Mission Macedonia.


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