Projects 1997 – 2000

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The role of lobbying for the success of NGOs

Purpose: educating the team of RCC DROM Kumanovo for successful contact, cooperation and realization of activities.

Location: Kumanovo

Financed by: Open Society Institute –
Roma Participation Program Budapest.

Roma issue and government institutions for developing friendship among Roma

Location: Macedonia

Finaced by: Realized from the budget of RCC DROM Kumanovo

The role of lobbying for the success of NGOs

Purpose: educating the team of CRZ DROM
Kumanovo for successful contact,
cooperation and realization of activities.

Location: Kumanovo

Financed by: Open Society Institute –
Roma Participation Program

Development of cooperation with NGOs, cultural and artistic associations, state institutions and political organizations

Location: Macedonia

Finaced by: Realized from the budget of RCC DROM Kumanovo

Educational quiz for knowledge of the history, culture and language of the Roma

Location: Kumanovo

Realized by: HZDR – Mesecina Gostivar and
RCC DROM Kumanovo.

Human Rights

Activity: Debate on the topic “Acquisition of
right of citizenship “on which it was raised
the issue of citizenship as basic
problem in realizing animals
needs of the Roma. Lecturers in the stands
were Mrs. Mirjana Trajkovska-Lazarevska and
Mirjana Najcevska.

Location: Macedonia / Kumanovo

Financier: MCIC-Macedonian Center
for international cooperation.

Way to lobby

Activity: Seminar for young Roma leaders from Kumanovo.

Location: Kumanovo

Workshop for amateur journalists

Goal: young Roma to gain knowledge
in the field of journalism.
He was a lecturer at the workshop
Mr. Dragoljub Ackovic.

Location: Macedonia / Kumanovo

Financier: FOSIM

Assistance for 294 Roma students with books and school supplies

Activity: There were 294 Roma children
distributed textbooks and school supplies.

Location: Kumanovo

Financier: FOSIM

Assistance to refugees from Kosovo

Activity: This project started after the war of
Kosovo. The project was funded by several
donors who provided legal advice,
educational-psychological programs and
humanitarian shipments consisting of food, clothing, firewood.
Location: Macedonia

Financiers: MCIC, FOSIM, Caritas Essen
Skopje, European Center for Roma Rights – Hungary, MPDL-Spanish organization, Solodarites, Children Aid, International
Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies , Roma activists from Switzerland, England, Australia, Germany, USA, ADRIA, IRC, CRS, German Caritas and others.

Emergency humanitarian aid for refugees in Blace

Activity: Humanitarian aid for 500 Roma
refugees from Kosovo.

Financiers: RCC DROM, Municipality of Suto Orizari,
FOSIM, Roma Association of Australia, individual donors from England, USA, Romanews from Hamburg Germany, Roma National Congerss.

Children’s joy

Goal: 40 children from poor families to feel the New Year atmosphere, through play, fun, organizing a masquerade
and giving Christmas presents.

Location: Camp Stenkovec, Camp Saraj, Kumanovo. The project is realized by sponsorships.

Young Roma of the 21st century

Activity: Conference on refugees rights and the Roma organization in the Balkans and Europe with the participation of young Roma leaders
from Europe.

Location: Kumanovo

Financier: OSCE ODIHR in cooperation with OSCE mission Macedonia and the European Commission.

Non-governmental working group on refugee issues

Activity: Establishment of a non-governmental working group from several organizations: Roma Center Skopje, Caritas Essen Skopje, Association for Roma Rights from Stip, Information Center for Civil Rights, Roma Cultural Center “DARHIJA” Skopje and Roma activist and intellectual Elvis Ali.
This non-governmental working group on the refugee issue conducted a survey of all refugees from Kosovo in Macedonia.

Objective: To obtain relevant information about their opinions on the current situation, their demands, education and number of refugees. (The survey included Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians)

Location: Macedonia

Funded by: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw in cooperation with OSCE Mission Skopje and UNHCR Skopje.

Education of Roma children

Target group: 100 Roma children divided into two groups aged 5 to 15 from poorer Roma families. The group for pre-school education includes children whose families are not able to afford the expenses, and the group for additional education includes children who have dropped out of school or have not started.

Location: Kumanovo

Funder: RPP-Budapest, Jewish organization from Switzerland, Romano Dialog from Switzerland, MPDL from Spain and ECO.

Roma Internet Club

Objective: To develop good interethnic relations through meetings and use of Internet services.

Location: Kumanovo

Financier: IRC.

Infrastructure-sewerage in the length of 268 meters

Goal: Improving the living conditions in the settlement Sredorek

Location: Roma settlement Sredorek

Financier: Canadian government with the support of the Municipality of Kumanovo, and implemented in cooperation with IRC, KHAM and MZ Sredorek.

Refugee rights and their awareness

Goal: Refugees from Kosovo to receive legal, social, health and humanitarian assistance.

Implementation: Non-governmental working group

Location: Macedonia

Financier: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw and FOSIM.

Your voice

Activity: Making a brochure and a film about the local elections in Macedonia. The brochure is distributed throughout the cities in Macedonia, and the film is shown on 18 TV stations in Macedonia.

Location: Macedonia

Brochure Funder: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw and the OSCE Mission to Macedonia

Film financier: ITZ Institute for Sustainable Communities.

Participation of Roma NGO representatives in the elections as observers

Purpose: Information on the local elections in Macedonia and the local elections in Albania.

Location: Macedonia and Albania

Funder: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw


Purpose: To free refugees from psychological difficulties and to develop friendship.

Location: Refugee camps in Macedonia.

Financier: MPDL from Spain and ECO.

Cooperation between Roma communities

Activity: An international conference attended by young leaders from 20 Roma organizations in Europe.

Location: Croatia and Macedonia

Funder: Open Institute
Society Croatia

Realization: DROM in partnership with the Croatian Roma Union

Its whole when there is everything

Activity: Campaign for promotion of general values, mutual understanding, peace and stability in Macedonia. The campaign was positively received by all national structures.

Location: Macedonia / Kumanovo

Financier: MCIC.

Improving the environment in Roma settlements

Purpose: Introduction of sewerage, water supply and provision of garbage containers.

Location: Roma settlements in Kumanovo

Financier: MPDL-Movement for Peace, Disarmament and Freedom from Spain in cooperation with ECO, IRC-International Rescue Committee, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kumanovo, Public Enterprise Vodovod, PE Cleanliness and Greenery and Humanitarian Roma Women’s Organization S.