About Us

Roma Community Center “DROM” Kumanovo is a Roma NGO founded in Kumanovo in 1997

RCC “DROM” is short for Roma Community Center “DROM”. In Romani language “drom” means “road”. For the organization’s members, it means road to development, to obtain human rights, to democracy, to education and integration


Progress of Roma in general, raised consciousness, integration in the society by Roma becoming stronger and their presentation as equal citizens in and out of the Republic of Macedonia.

In the last five years, Roma Community Center DROM focuses on the good governance and human rights


RCC “DROM” is a Roma NGO that cooperates with relevant institutions in and out of the Republic of North Macedonia. It also advocates, motivates and actively works for higher living standards and higher level of integration of Roma in the social life through projects and programs of educational, humanitarian, social and emancipation character, as well as respect for gender differences.


Following the working program of DROM, the activities are realized through conferences, seminars, tribunes, symposiums, media presentations and public press organs, preparations of publications, formation of educational centers, etc.

The project activities are not based only on official state information for the condition of Roma, but also on our own researches and everyday contacts with the target group about education, health, housing, employment, economy, infrastructure and other areas where the problems of Roma people are focused.

  • In 2001, RCC “DROM” entered into partnership with European Centre for Minority Issues which were 14 partner organizations advocating interethnic understanding at the regional level.
  • Since 1998 “DROM” is a partner of Roma Regional program, where members are Roma NGOs from across Europe.
  • In 2002, RCC “DROM” is one of the creators of RNGO 2002 or Roma NGOs who are in favor of Roma people in Macedonia. This partnership with Roma NGOs operates in several sectors: education, culture, socio and economic development, human rights, child rights, women’s rights, culture and media, health, sports and NGO management. Since 2007. President of RNGO 2002 is Executive Director of RCC DROM Mr. Ahmet Jasharevski.
  • In 2003, RCC “DROM” organized a national conference on Roma education in Republic of Macedonia which was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science.

Roma Community Center “DROM” in the past 23 years worked very hard to help the Roma citizens in all spheres of life. We have implemented a number of projects, programs, campaigns, debates and symposiums. Drom is a member on multiple networks and have achieved numerous results that actually represent the current active work of our organization.

For our work show the many grateful awards and such is the prize by the Mayor of Kumanovo as the most active NGO at the local level, as well as the European Commission prize for best realized project.

In the previous work we have implemented a number of information events to promote the culture of Roma and we have implemented many innovations such as theatrical representations, documentaries, activities related to promotion of Roma clothes, food, music, etc.. Because many events in the field of culture, and on the initiative of representatives of UNESCO in 2010 we officially became UNESKO Club.