About Us

RCC “DROM” is short for Roma Community Center “DROM”. In Romani language “drom” means “road”. For the organization’s members, it means road to development, to obtain human rights, to democracy, to education and integration.


Progress of Roma in general, raised consciousness, integration in the society by Roma becoming stronger and their presentation as equal citizens in and out of the Republic of Macedonia.


RCC “DROM” is a Roma NGO that cooperates with relevant institutions in and out of the Republic of Macedonia. It also advocates, motivates and actively works for higher living standards and higher level of integration of Roma in the social life through projects and programs of educational, humanitarian, social and emancipation character, as well as respect for gender differences.


Following the working program of DROM, the activities are realized through conferences, seminars, tribunes, symposiums, media presentations and public press organs, preparations of publications, formation of educational centers, etc.
The project activities are not based only on official state information for the condition of Roma, but also on our own researches and everyday contacts with the target group about education, health, housing, employment, economy, infrastructure and other areas where the problems of Roma people are focused.

For the 10 years of our existing:

Roma Community Center “DROM” Kumanovo is a Roma NGO founded in Kumanovo in 1997. In Romani language “drom” means “road”, a road paved in the past 10 years for better integration of Roma people in all areas of living in the Republic of Macedonia. The beginnings of DROM were really hard, but with great enthusiasm of all DROM’s members who gave their best for us to become relevant NGO, to achieve their aims and tasks, to be well-known in the community at both national and international level. In the past ten years, we have worked really hard to help Roma people in all areas of living. We have implemented numerous projects, programs, campaigns, tribunes and symposiums. We are members of several networks. We have achieved impressive results and they speak for the constant active working of our organization.
With the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005 – 2015, RCC “DROM” actively started to work on all four areas of the Decade: education, health, housing and employment, and the implemented projects speak for this. We have achieved many results and have spoken in favor of partially developing of the organization’s vision.
Many written commendations, awards and certificates of gratitude, received in our working to date, speak about the activities of RCC “DROM”. It is very important to point out that we have had excellent cooperation with representatives of institutions, local self-government and non-governmental sector.
I would use this opportunity to send my greetings and to thank to all to date donors and associates, with out them the organization would not be able to achieve its goals. Also, I would say that RCC “DROM” will continue to work with the same speed in future, but I hope with more impressive results.

Executive Director – Ahmet Jasharevski