Inclusion of Roma children in the educational process


In February 2018 RCC “DROM” started with the implementation of the project “Inclusion of Roma children in the educational process.” The project will be implemented in a period of nine months and is supported by the European Union IPA / 2015/382038/002 – grantees are RRC and KMOP. The aim of the project is to increase the number of Roma students from the municipality of Kumanovo with completed primary and secondary education in the period 2018-2020. Within the project, a field survey will be conducted in the Roma settlements Sredorek, Baraki, Stari Lozja and Bavci, as well as the central urban area where the Roma population lives to determine the number of Roma children aged 6-16 who are not included in the educational process. A target of this research will be to determine the reasons for exclusion from education and to encourage and motivate for inclusion in the educational process. A link will be established with the relevant local institutions that will be able to contribute to solving this problem. Document policy paper will be prepared which will provide a complete picture of the situation and guidelines will be given for its improvement. At the end of the project, a public presentation of the project will be made to which the media will be present.