„Sustainable Models for Roma employment (OMB)“


The project “Sustainable Models for Roma employment (OMB)” shall be implemented according to Grant Contract (EuropeAid / 136315 / ID / ACT / MK) concluded on 26.12.2016 between the Ministry of Finance – Central Financing and Contracting ( CFCD), as the contracting authority, Habitat Macedonia as project coordinator, ZBK Creation – Skopje, as a partner of the project and CTA Movement – Kumanovo, as a partner of the project.
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable integration of Roma in the labor market by improving their skills for employment in the construction sector, housing sector and energy efficiency.

The main objective of the project is to increase the employment potential of the Roma population, ensuring appropriate and market-valued individual capabilities (knowledge, skills, motivation) and facilitating access to the labor market through the creation of so-called “Network for Employment” that will connect construction companies and potential employees Roma.
The aforementioned objectives of the project will be realized through:
a set of activities that will strengthen capacity building skills, with an overall process of proper certification;
a set of actions to increase motivation and encourage employment, especially among Roma women;
a set of actions to establish a network for the employment of Roma.

The project will be implemented within 12 months.

In the coming period will be implemented training which includes theoretical and practical training for Freemasonry, gypsum works facade works, installation of windows and doors. The training will include 80 Roma and will last 7 days.