“Projects 2014”


I have the right to be informed!

The project has duration of five months. The project aims at: improving communication between citizens and public administration in Kumanovo Municipality through effective application of the law on free access to public information.

Expected results:

–          The percentage of utilization of the right of information for citizens;

–          Introduction to the citizens to the Law on free access to information of public character;

–          The most common problems that occur during the application of this law / ways of overcoming them

–          Increasing the transparency of Municipality of Kumanovo towards citizens

–          Raising the level of public awareness of the concept of good governance;

The project is funded by Metamorphosis


Coalition for budget monitoring “

Center for Economic Analysis CEA as coordinator and FORUM – Center for Research and Documentation – CRD as a partner are implementing the project Coalition for budget monitoring supported by the European Union (IPA 2014 -338 – 852) through IPA 2012 Civil Society -2013.

The project aims for budget monitoring coalitions to promote the participation of citizen participation in decision making at the local level and the establishment of partnerships between LSU and civic organizations.

For this purpose, nine organizations across the country are selected to participate through active monitoring of the transparency of the budgeting process to LSU.

The project activities are implemented at the regional level through research and direct communication with LSU and local stakeholders on a regular monthly or quarterly basis.

One of the organizations that will be directly involved in the implementation of monitoring activities is Roma Community Center “DROM” which will include LSU of Northeast Region (Kumanovo, Staro Nagorichane, Rankovce, Kriva Palanka, Kratovo and Lipkovo).

Monthly and quarterly monitoring reports can be viewed at the following link:


“Municipalities in action for Roma “

Reconstruction of bathrooms (sanitary facilities) MPS “Hristijan Karposh 15 toilets in entirely.

More information:

Promotion and starting with functioning of the toilets in the MPS “Hristijan Karposh.

In the realization of the project involved were the administration of Municipality of Kumanovo, MCMS and NGO DROM – Kumanovo.

Training for 10 RIC Volunteers

  • Module 1 –Communication and presentation skills.
    • Module 2 – Skills for negotiation.
    • Presentation of RIC Volunteers and distribution of promotional material.
    UNDP –Roma Resource Center –RIC Kumanovo- Logistics RCC DROM

Training for young Roma

During the project the following activities have been realized:

  • training for advocacy and lobbying for young Roma representatives of civil society organizations
  • Transfer of knowledge in organizations from which the participants come from.
  • Workshop with local authorities which will consider possible improvements at the local level for youth participation
  • practical work, or developing proposals advocacy campaigns and lobbying, which will work under the supervision of experienced mentors;
  • preparation of a manual for advocacy and lobbying based on field experience, as accompanying material and youth organizations can use in future.

Realized by: Center for Non-formal Education Triangle who continues its commitment to capacity building in the civil sector, which represents the interests of different target groups.- Logistics RCC DROM

This project is funded by European Youth Foundation (EYF)