“Projects 2012”


“Stop for Double Discrimination”

Roma women are discriminated in Kumanovo

Roma Community Center “DROM” Kumanovo for the project “Stop the double discrimination”, organized field research that included 400 women / girls from three Roma settlements in Kumanovo: Bedinje Baraki and Sredorek. The selection of respondents who were included in the survey was random.

The survey was conducted to women / girls – Roma aged 13 to 65, in the following schedule:

  • – At the age of 13 to 17 –  years were surveyed 47 girls women;
  • – At the age of 18 to 35 –  211 women were included;
  • – Over 35 years were included 142 women;

Prepared questionnaire covered many areas of everyday life in order to give better and realistic picture of the situation of women in society and family member.

The questionnaire contained the following areas:

  • – The level of education;
  • – The marital status;
  • – Data in relation to family size;
  • – The status of housing and quality of the home;
  • – The status of personal employment and family member employment;
  • – Questions about the health condition;
  • – Personal documents;

The survey showed:

  • The number of uneducated women is great and it reaches 70%;
  • Almost all the respondents were not employees or 98.25%;
  • Very few of them can independently handle the institutions of the system without the help of their family members, and peak of it are poor living conditions and lack of documents for homes or 74.25%;
  • Many are poor, with no one employed in the family. It indicates that there is any kind of discrimination that prevents women to reach the required level of education, employment and providing the necessary means of subsistence of the family;
  •      Research has shown that the degree of discrimination will be reduced only by education of women;

The project aims to alert the competent institutions to raise awareness among Roma women themselves to make decisions and manage their lives.

In the frame of the project a presentation on 20.01.2012 for the data gathered from the field research and education was held.

The Gallery of the presentation can be viewed on our Facebook page HERE


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