“Projects 2011”


“Together for development of the Municipality of Kumanovo”

The project duration is six months and its general objective is to improve inter-ethnic coexistence in the municipality of Kumanovo. The project covers a wider target group as follows: (institutions, NGOs, committees of ethnic communities, students and citizens from the municipality of Kumanovo.) Which is directly involved in: monitoring, educating, informing, raising awareness and inter-religious and inter-ethnic cohesion.

Direct results of activities implemented:

  • Prepared newsletter, based on monitoring the process of formulating policies in the municipality of Kumanovo area with percentage in terms of employment, use of language and analyzed a number of other problems.
  • Finding a mechanism for starting the work of the Commission actually between communities;
  • Raised awareness among 60 young secondary school students fromthe municipality of Kumanovo in terms of multi-ethnic coexistence;
  • Informing the population, NGOs and only serves the members of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the eradication of misinformation about the same;
  • Informing the citizens of the municipality of Kumanovo about the three religions and their


  • Raised awareness among the population and reduced the prejudices for other ethnic communities

Indirect results: Enhanced inter-ethnic coexistence in the municipality of Kumanovo


Roma mentors

The main goal of the initiative of Roma mentors is to connect experts of Roma culture in schools and NGO’s or community centers, to ensure that changes in self-awareness and alertness of the children. To increase their knowledge of Roma culture and to unite children opportunities to enjoy the contacts with experts.

The project holder is Roma Cultural and Educational Center “Darhija” and it was implemented from September 2010 – June 2011.

One of the NGOs involved in the project was Roma Community Center “DROM” which provided logistical support to the project that is fully equipped classroom teacher and volunteer who has experience working with children. Mentor training is provided for 6 hours per month during one school year. Students who are covered in mentor training were at age 12 – 14 years old.

Financier: Roma Cultural and Educational Center “Darhija

“Together we can build a secure future”

Location – Kumanovo

Objective: Improvement of interethnic coexistence of young people from the Municipality of Kumanovo.

Direct beneficiaries of the projector 21 students from secondary schools in Kumanovo 7 Roma 7 Albanian, and 7 Macedonians, while indirect beneficiaries will be 500 students from local secondary schools in Kumanovo

Activities: 4 workshops as follows: Organization of psycho – social dialogue and inter-ethnic workshops, Volunteerism

Financier: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia by UNESCO as part of a program of UN MDG

“Prevention of illegal migration through improved labor and decentralized promotion of measures for vulnerable groups”

International Organization for Migration (IOM – International for Migration)

In partnership with NGOs RCC “DROM” Kumanovo Roma Information Center – Kumanovo organized professional courses for free from Kumanovo for Roma aged 18-30 years

Location – Kumanovo

 The main objective is to generate training and improve employment opportunities for young Roma by providing vocational training, job training courses with some companies, employment mediation (i.e. establishment of links between users, the Agency for employment or for registered and accredited local business associations to help with employment or self – employment opportunities.


  • Organizing of professional courses 13 (plumbers, rebar workers, shoemakers, façade makers)
  • Training in the workplace 4 (sales training)

  Within the activities of this project, people who do not possess identity documents or had formed primary education can acquire through this project and obtain the Certificate-Diploma.

  Financier: International Organization for Migration IOM in partnership with RCC “DROM”


Location – Memorial Center Pelince-Kumanovo, Stip, Skopje, Kumanovo

Objective: The long term objective is to familiarize the population in Macedonia on Roma culture and tradition.

The short term goal of the project: Organizing art colony with no less than 20paintings on “Roma today and through time.”


  • 7 day Art Colony “Art Kumanovo Roma 2011” in Pelince,
  • 7 day exhibitions in Stip, Skopje and Kumanovo
  • Printing a catalog “Roma Art Kumanovo 2011”
  • Organize a debate on “Roma across centuries and today.”

On this forum citizens from several ethnic groups were invited: Albanians, Macedonians, Vlachs and others. The purpose of these forums was for the population to gain more knowledge about the tradition, culture of the Roma. Also on this forum provide an opportunity to ask questions that participants connected with the history of the Roma. The debate had invited representatives from institutions, NGOs and local government – Kumanovo

As a final result was: 34 paintings by 14 artists who participated in this art colony.

  Financier: OSI Budapest, UNESCO, the Municipality of Kumanovo partnrstvo with national institutions – the Museum of Kumanovo

Stop double discrimination

Location – Kumanovo

Objective: The main objective is to raise awareness of Roma women about their rights, especially the right to family planning, education, and employment.


  • Print a brochure on the Law on Protection against Discrimination, a manual for implementation of prevention and protection from discrimination
  • Field education in Roma settlements
  • Workshop on “How to get our rights”?
  • Roundtable on the Law on Protection from Discrimination
  • Presentation of analysis derived from a survey of Roma settlements


   Financier: UN, UNDP

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