“Projects 2009”


“Communication with the Central Government 2”

Roma Community Center “DROM” – Kumanovo wanting to ensure consistency and continuity of the “Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015” highlights the importance of information, collaboration and monitoring activities undertaken decade by the central governmentand implemented the project “Communication with CentralGovernment 2 “in May ’08 – February ’09

The aim was strengthening and integration of Roma in the social and economic mainstream of the Republic of Macedonia, by defining the basic directions and methods for implementing theDecade of Roma, or improving the level of awareness of RomaNGOs and the process of implementing “Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015”. Improve their communication with the central government and create conditions for further cooperation on joint projects and activities.

Financier: Swiss Embassy in the Republic. Macedonia andFoundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia

“Roma Information Center”

RCC “DROM” is an active advocate for more effectiveimplementation of Decade activities in Macedonia. For this purposethere is a need to continuous inform about current Roma citizensactivities and opportunities.
RCC “DROM” to annul the needs of its target group – the Romapopulation in terms of easier integration and updating of their rightsand obligations, implement the project “Roma Information Center” in whose service area is the information of the four domains of acuteDecade Roma: education, health, housing and employment.

Financier: MLSP, in partnership with RCC “DROM” Kumanovo

“Roma mentors”

The main objective of the project “Roma mentors” is to connectexperts of Roma culture in schools and NGO’s or communitycenters, to ensure that changes in self-awareness and alertness of the children. To increase their knowledge of Roma culture and toensure children opportunities to enjoy the contacts with experts.

One of the NGOs involved in the project is Roma CommunityCenter “DROM” which gave logistical support to the project whit itsfully equipped classroom, teacher and volunteer who hasexperience working with children. Mentor training is provided for 6hours per month during one school year. Students who are covered in mentor training are aged 12 – 14.
The project holder is Roma Cultural and Educational Center “Darhija” and it will be implemented September 2008. – June 2009.

Financier: Roma Cultural and Educational Center “Darhija”

“Through education to reduced discrimination”

From March 2009 to August 2009 Roma Community Center”DROM” has implemented the project “Through education reduceddiscrimination”

The project objective is: Emancipation of Roma woman, raisedawareness of their rights, especially the marriage relationship – family. The idea of ​​realizing such a project arose from a problem that occurs in Roma, mostly women and it is early marriage which is then reflected in the educational process by leaving school and then in the employment section.



  • 4 workshops
  • Print a brochure
  • Seminar (presentation of project results and dissemination of information brochure matreal over 8’s Roma information centers of the Republic of Macedonia and the NGO sector.

Financier: OSCE in partnership with RCC “DROM”


“Social inclusion and access to human rights of Roma, Ashkali andEgyptians communities Western Balkans”

The aim of the project is providing direct support to the Romapopulation through mediation and obtaining personal documentation,with the financial means for fees that are required to remove themand free legal aid under the project objectives.
Project implementation in the period from January 2009 toDecember 2009.

Financier: Civil Society Information Center in partnership with RCC “DROM”

“Roma culture on the web portal”

The project aims at creating a web portal which is aimed to inform the population of the Republic of Macedonia and wider for the Roma tradition and culture.

The project is implemented in the period from September 2009 – November 2009 till sustainable.

Financier: European Cultural Fund, Ministry of Culture of Macedonia

“Who are we? What are we? “

         Project was realized in the period from 01.10.2009 -01.03.2010. Long term goal is the integration of Roma in all spheres of society.

The project contains a theatrical representation with the title “Who are we? What are we
The purpose of this performance is to depict the life of the Roma by placing emphasis on the right of choice.

Financier: OSI – Budapest

“Human rights – based on local economic development”

Association for support of inter-ethnic dialogue and community development “Common Values” from Skopje in cooperation with NGOs: Perspective from Skopje, the Millennium from Vrapciste,DROM Kumanovo and Rekanski Biser Rostuse from Mavrovo wereimplementing the project “Human Rights – based local economicdevelopment. “The project is funded by the European Union.

The project objective is the realization of human rights and improvement of interethnic relations through the implementation ofstrategies for local economic development towards faster integration of Macedonia in European Union.

Financier: European Commission, Common Value in partnership withRCC “DROM”

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