“Projects 2008”


“Together towards the same goal“

30.12.2008 RCC “DROM” realize 1 day workshop with 15 students from local high schools (5 Macedonians, 5 Albanians, 5 Roma students) This workshop was about human rights, social and psychological skills. Workshop facilitators were lower and psychologist. The participants communicate among each other, and they also change some experience and knowledge about their cultural and tolerance.
Financed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

“Professional courses and training”

International Organization for Migration in partnership with Roma Informative Centre – Kumanovo has organized free of charge professional courses for Roma people from Kumanovo on age 18 – 36.

1. Organizing professional courses (hairstylist, bakers, electronics)
2. Training on work (production of PVC windows and doors, assembling products made from steel, sewers and hair stylists)

Project activities:

  • Presentation on theme “Stop for human trafficking and migration” with 25 participants and facilitator from IOM.
  • Additional practical work in 22 work days in private firm for 8 hairstylists and 6 electronics technicians in the premises of Labour university Kumanovo.
  • Education workshop for “Business skills” with 36 participants. Facilitators on this education were representatives from NGO “Open multicultural university” Prilep.
  • ,,Computer skills workshop- basic course” for 27 people in a period of 1 month
  • 43 people that were included in this project have received a professional equipment that is going to be useful for their future job
  • Hairstylist: 12 peaces of equipment
  • Electronics technicians: 11 peaces of equipment
  • Bakers: 9 peaces of equipment
  • Sewers: 5 peaces of equipment
  • Metal assemblers: 6 peaces of equipment

• Education “How to have my own business” realized in partnership between RCC “DROM” , IOM and the agency for employment in Kumanovo. Facilitator on this education was a representative from the Agency for employment in Kumanovo.
Financed by International organization for Migration in partnership with RCC “DROM”

“Communication with Central Authorities 2” Second work meeting”

As a part from the projected activities of the project “Communication with Central Authorities 2” on the 5th of November 2008 was organised a meeting in the Municipality of kumanovo with the Mayer Mr. Zoran Damjanovski and the Minister without portfolio Nezdet Mustafa. On this meeting was discussed about the status of Roma people in Kumanovo, implementation of the Local Action Plans of the “Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015” and the future plans for its implementation.

Program for building of new monuments in Kumanovo

The commission of the Municipality of Kumanovo for developing of draft program for celebrating of important occasion and people in Kumanovo, formed by the Local Government of Kumanovo, with decision of the Council of the Municipality of Kumanovo, have taken many activities for building of new monuments of important occasions and people.
RCC “DROM” – Kumanovo give a suggestion for building a monument of Rushit Shakir – warrior of the III Macedonian brigade from the period of Second World War.
This suggestion was adopted with help of Mr. Ashmet Osmanovski, member of the Council of the Government of Kumanovo.

“Info Centre for the Decade of Roma Inclusion”

This project was realized in a period 1.10.2008 – 1.10.2009
Goal of the project:

• Giving information’s that are useful for the Roma population;
• Solving problems thru creation of projects, programs and campaigns;
• Organizing of meetings with the coordinative body in a period of 1 year for monitoring of the process of implementation of the Action Plans and giving new ideas and guides for their better implementation.
• Printing of bulletin

Financed by: US Embassy – Skopje

„Roma Mentors“

The main goal of this initiative is: to connect Roma culture experts with NGOs and schools or Roma communities and change the awareness of the Roma kids. To increase their knowledge about: Roma culture and to feel free and enjoy in the communication with the experts.

Carrier of the project is Roma Cultural and Educative Found and it is implementing from September 2008 till Jun 2009.

RCC “DROM” Kumanovo is also included in this initiative and gives a logistic spport in the project with classroom, teacher volunteer that has experience in educating Roma kids. This mentor education is projected to be 6 hours per month. Students on these classes are on age 12-14.
Financed by: Roma Culture and Educative Centre “Darhija” in partnership with RCC “DROM”

“Roma Informative Center “

RCC “DROM” in recent years is working on the implementation of the Roma Decade activities. From March 2008 to December 2008 RCC “DROM” has implement the project “Roma Informative Centre” with specific goal: Continuously information of Roma population about the actual activity and opportunities from the four Decade priorities.

• Easier access to formations for the Roma population
• Giving information’s to the population also filing administrative forms, applications, claims …
• Better communication and changing of information’s between RIC and institutions in way to help the Roma population.
• Field work and collecting information’s about the actual problems among the Roma population.
• Analyzing the realized pools from the questionnaires from the fieldwork.
• Informing the Roma population about the four priorities of the Decade of Roma Inclusion.
Financed by: MLSP in partnership with RCC “DROM”

“Social inclusion and access to human rights of Roma, Ashkali andEgyptians communities in the Western Balkans”

The aim of the project is providing direct support to the Romapopulation through mediation and obtaining personal documentation,with the financial means for fees that are required to remove themand free legal aid under the project objectives.
The project was implemented in the period from October-December 2008

Financier: Civil Society Information Center in partnership with R.C.C.”DROM”
 “Voice of a Roma woman”

RCC “DROM” has implemented the project “Voice of a Roma woman”. In the Macedonian people’s theatre – Skopje was played the performance “Real life scenes”, Director and main role in in the play was Sanela Emin. Ferdi Sejfula, Emran Kurtisova, Enis Ahmed, Farija Amet, Adem Ibraimov and Atrinez Zija also played in the play.

Financier: Swiss Cultural program for Western Balkans

Organizing a creative workshop

In the premises of RCC “DROM” was organized a creative workshop initiated by Japan students. On the workshop 16 Roma students participate on age from 5 to 13. Thru drawings, games and songs they have meet the Japan culture, tradition and people.
This is continuously cooperation between Japanese students and Roma kids from Kumanovo.

Roma language and culture in primary school
In the premises of RCC “DROM” it was organized a meeting with the representatives of Roma NGOs, institutions, Local Self Government and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. The aim of this meeting was to see the opportunities of the local primary schools for learning Roma language and culture as an optional school subject. The course is predicted to start with the start of the school year and one of the criteria is that as much as possible Roma kids to be interested about this subject so classes could be formed an the program implemented.
Meeting in the Municipality of Kumanovo
The meeting was organized by Mr. Mile Stojmenovic employee in the Local Self Government in the department of education, initiated by Mr. Ashmet Osmanovski member of the council in the LSG, representatives from the Roma NGOs and Roma political parties. On this meeting also the directors of the primary schools were present.

  • Parents meeting to be organized and parents to be informed about the subjet “Roma language and culture”
  • Primary schools to prepare proclamations that is going to be signed by the parents
  • To negotiate with the Ministry of Science and Education for developing the education process because the small response from the Roma kids with aim to be formed classes with less than 15 students and if there is a need to be joint to classes.

 Participation on Conference in Brussels

The executive director of RCC “DROM” Kumanovo – Ahmet jasharevski participate on the conference “Developing the civic society in South East Europe: We build Europe together”. This conference give opportunity to the citizens organizations to discuss, create networks, building partnership and spreading information’s with the participants. The vonference was opend by the EU Commissar Mr. Oli Ren and Mr. Soros and Mr. Potochek the Commissar for science and researching were also present on the Conference.
The focus of the conference was put on: process of democratization, human rights, social inclusion/ progress and education, protection of the environment and sustainable progress.

Celebrating of 8th of April – “Roma NGON 2002”

Roma NGON 2002 this year continue with the traditional celebrating of the World Roma day 8th of April. On the ceremony took a part many different participants from Macedonia, they discussed about the achievements and future for Roma population in Macedonia. The 8th of April awards this year goes to Mr. Redzep Redzepovski – sportsmen and famous boxer – Life Award. Mr. Sasho Klekovski was awarded as a representative from the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation – Institution Award. With great honour Roma NGON 2002 has award Mr. Ramadan Berat senior assistant for Roma issues in the OSCE mission.

Celebrating of 8th of April – “OSCE”

On the 8th of April the OSCE commission has organized a celebration for the World Roma day. It was organised in the premises of Municipality of Kumanovo with one goal: promotion of cooperation and dialogue between Local Self Government and NGO sector.
Participants in the discussion were: the Mayor Mr. Zoran Damjanoski, Mr. Bernard Segera – chief of department for confidence, Mr. Ashmet Osmanovski – member of the council of Kumanovo and Mr. Ahmet Jasharevski – executive director of RCC “DROM”

Celebrating of 8th of April – “HANGO”

Citizens association “HANGO” has organize a promotional celebration of the World Roma Day with theme Roma thru the history and their civilization better knowledge of Roma people about their own culture, tradition and identity.
This celebration was organized in the premises of House of Culture in Kumanovo. There were 80 guests: representatives from NGOs, institutions, Municipality of Kumanovo, primary and high schools, political parties.
Mr. Ljatif Demir have a short presentation about the history, tradition and progress of Roma population thru the centuries. Also Mr. Ahmet Jasharevski has presented the Action Plans from the Decade of Roma Inclusion that is adopted on local level and every day problems that Roma are facing with.

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