“Projects 2007”


“Information – Public Knowledge“

Knowledge from informatics is one of the necessary conditions for employment in present modern times, whereas internet is a synonym of rich source of general and current information.
Due to that, RCC “DROM” opened an office for education on informatics in the period between March and August. In the office, Roma children with bad economic situation were trained on the basics about computers. At the same time, they gained knowledge and skills for search of information on the internet.
These activities were part of the project “Information – Public Knowledge” and within its frames were involved:

1. 110 Roma children from whom 27 had informal education and they visited the computer office of RCC “DROM”
2. 65 children from the primary schools in Kumanovo
3. 18 youths who are volunteers in RCC “DROM”

Donor: Foundation E-Macedonia

“Opposites Attract”

“Opposites Attract” is the title of the project that RCC “DROM” implemented with an aim to increase the interaction among young high school students with different ethnical background from Kumanovo and who are the future carriers of the society. In the frames of this project, 9 workshops were held:
– three social workshops
– three psychological workshops and
– three legal workshops.
The 45 participants in the workshops successfully acquired the following characteristics that build a multiethnic society:
– built access to multiethnic tolerance and developed sense for respect of ethnical, cultural, language and physical differences among each other;
– eradicated traditional prejudices and stereotypes for a particular ethnical community;
– rise of interest for implementation of multi-ethnical educational activities;
– rise of responsibility and feeling of self-confidence

Donors: CORDAID, TALDI from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Center for Civil Initiative – Prilep

“Roma Informative Center”

RCC “DROM” is active upholder for more effective implementation of the activities from the Decade in the Republic of Macedonia. That’s why it is necessary for Roma citizens to be regularly informed about on-going activities and opportunities.
RCC “DROM” implemented the project called “Roma Informative Center” in the period between March and December to fulfill the needs of its target group – Roma people. The center covered information from the four areas from the Decade of Roma: education, employment, housing and health.
Achieved results:
– easier access to information by Roma people
– services to Roma people: writing pleas, requests, statements, etc.
– good communication and exchange of information between RIC and the institutions to help more to the Roma people
– going out on field and gathering information for the real situation of Roma population
– grasping of the problems based on the results from the polls from field work
– informed Roma people about all the areas of the Decade of Roma: employment, health, housing and education

Donor: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in cooperation with RCC “DROM” Kumanovo

“A Step Closer to EU and EU Funds’’

RCC “DROM” held two separate trainings in Ohrid, June 01-03 and June 08-10. The conditions for and the ways of project preparation for the European funds were analyzed, and also information about the bodies of the European Union was presented.
Representatives of the Coordinative Body for the Decade of Roma in the Community of Kumanovo consisting of councilors in the Community of Kumanovo, as well as managers of bodies with public authorizations and representatives of more NGOs participated on the trainings.
The participants gained
– information about the funds of EU before access and
– knowledge and skills for applying in the IPA funds

Financed by: FOSIM – Skopje


Within the frames of this project, three previously trained young members of RCC “DROM” did health educating on prevention and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. The project activities included:
– distribution of condoms
– education of women in reproductive period
– directing to gynecological examination and free of charge tests for SPI

Donor: MIA

“Communication with Central Authority”

By using the time for implementation of the Decade of Roma and with a wish to increase the visibility and influence of the activities undertaken by the same, RCC “DROM” implemented the project called “Communication with Central Authority” in the period between July and October. In its frames were realized the following activities:
– 4 (four) coordinative meetings with Roma NGOs
– 5 (five) separate meetings with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Transport and Communications, and Ministry of Finance
– 2 (two) one-day workshops: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport and Communications, and 5 Roma NGOs were present on them
– Media presentation

The project activities were designed in such a way to answer the following needs:
1. Informing Roma non-governmental organizations for the level of implementation of the Decade of Roma
2. Rising the level of communication with the central authority
3. Creating a better cooperation for the future concerning common projects and activities.
RCC “DROM” achieved the following results by implementing the project activities:
1. Good level of information of Roma NGOs for implementation of the Decade of Roma
2. Better access to information from the ministries and bigger communication with the central authority
3. Provided pre-conditions for further cooperation on common projects and activities.

Donor: Swiss Embassy – Skopje

”Healthy Child – Healthy Society”

In the frames of this project, it was given a field education on the importance of vaccination of children, and also were distributed brochures with information about immunization and consequences from infectious diseases. There was also a vaccination of Roma children who were previously not given vaccines.

Donor: Agency for Youth and Sport

“The Voice of the Roma Woman”

The project, the theatrical play “The Voice of the Roma Woman” is being implemented at present. The importance of the play is not just to enrich the cultural life of Roma people in Kumanovo, but to contribute in the area of gender equality among Roma and non-Roma in the Community of Kumanovo.
The project is being financed by the Swiss Cultural Program “PROHELVETIJA” in the Republic of Macedonia.

’’Roma Informative Center’’

The project ’’Roma Informative Center’’ is in process of implementation.
The goals of the project are:
– informing of the citizens from the Roma community for the fulfillment of practical needs that come from fast integration in the areas of employment, education, housing, health and human rights
– advising and giving directions for fulfilling one’s needs
– monthly reports to Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and to DROM
– monthly meetings with representatives of the local authority, institutions and NGO
– meetings with the Coordinative Body consisting of representatives of the local authority, with state institutions and NGO on every three months
– medium presentation of the implemented activities
– lobbying to the local self-government and public institutions to completely implement the accepted action and operation plans from the Decade of Roma
– making projects and programs for the activities for decentralization and from the Decade of Roma at a local level as well as common finding of funds for the same.

Financed by: MCIC – Skopje in partnership with RCC “DROM”

”Info-Center for the Decade of Roma”

The project ’’Info-Center for the Decade of Roma’’ is in process of implementation.
The goals of the project are:
– giving information which will be useful to the Roma population;
– solving problems through projects, programs and campaigns;
– organizing meetings with the coordinator in one-year period to grasp the results from the action plans and giving ideas for their realization.
– printing of bulletins / newsletters.

Financed by: American Embassy – Skopje

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