“Projects 2005”


Educational Center “Future of Roma”

This centre embraces Romani children from Kumanovo that have not visited educational institution at all, and have over 10 years. The program embraced 20 children and after visiting the centre they continued to study in primary school “11 Oktomvri”.
Location: Kumanovo

Centre for Support of Education “Time Is”

Primary activity: Helping with homework, preparing for class, and Macedonian language lessons for preschool children.
Secondary activities: Computer course, excursions, visits of cinema, theatre, ZOO, organizing art workshops.
Aim: Help for Romani students to achieve better results in school. The centre plays the role of second parents because of the big percentage of illiterate or half literate parents. Educators and assistants work with the children. We cooperated with primary school “Hristijan Karposh” in the project implementation.
Location: Kumanovo
Donor: FOSIM

“Applied Education for Young Roma – Summer Camp”

Aim: Decrease in illiteracy with possibility for employment, and improvement of the condition of young Roma in Macedonia
Activities: The program lasts 3 years, and in the end of every year there is a summer camp organized for students with excellent results at school. In the program participated 75 children (5 from all 15 schools), 15 teachers and 15 coordinators from NGOs
Location: Ohrid – Klementica
Donor: MCIC through the Danish high school organization Operation Days, and the Danida Fund of the Danish government through the Danish church help


Aim: The program contains education among peers about STD and AIDS.
Activities: Distribution of condoms, education of women in reproductive period and training for peers – educators.
Location: Kumanovo
Donor: MIA

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