“Projects 2002”


“Refugee Roma Committee / Ashkalies / Egyptians”

Goal: Direct involvement in the activities implemented about the refugee question in Macedonia and following an initiative from 2000.
Activities: To inform all refugees about their situation, organize meetings, ask help, efforts for Roma refugee children to enjoy the right to education, develop communication network with the refugees from the region.
The Refugee Committee is supported by UNHCR Skopje, OSCE Mission Macedonia, NGO ARKA – Pomos, ROSH from Shuto Orizari, Skopje. All the activities were coordinated by RCC “DROM“.
Location: Skopje – camps Katalanovo and Shuto Orizari, Gostivar, Tetovo, Kumanovo
Financed by: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw

Educational Support Center “Vrama Si”

Primary activity: Help writing homework, preparing for school and teaching Macedonian language in pre-school groups.
Secondary activity: computer course, excursions, cinema and theatre visits, visiting zoos, art workshop.
Goal: To help Roma pupils to achieve better results at school. The Center plays the role of second parents, because of the great percentage of illiterate or half-literate parents. There are educators and assistants who are working with children. During the project realization, the Center had good cooperation with the Primary school “Hristijan Karposh”.
Target group: 173 children at the age of 5 to 14 from settlements Zivkova Karpa, Stari Lozja and Bavchi.
Location: Kumanovo
Financier: FOSIM

“Handcraft Education for Young Roma”

Goal: Decrease in illiteracy with opportunity for employment, and improvement of the situation of young Roma in Macedonia.
Activities: Courses for professions what will enable employments and excursions for Romani students with aim to increase the motivation for education. This program lasts 3 years.
Location: Kumanovo
Donor: MCIC through the Danish high school organization Operation Days, and the Danida Fund of the Danish government through the Danish church aid.

“Is Love Enough”

Description: Multi-ethnic project against discrimination and intolerance in Macedonia with an aim to make a path for respect, coexistence, peace and love.
The project is realized in few towns in Macedonia as continuation of the campaign from 2001. We prepared a song that was broadcast in media and spread by internet. The campaign was introduction for 8th April – Roma World Day.
Location: Macedonia
Financed by: Pax Christi – Netherlands

“Conference – Roma Education in Macedonia”

Description: The conference is organized in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Science. The participants at the Conference brought conclusions for pre-school, primary, high and faculty education of Roma. All activities were media covered.
Location: Skopje
Financier: OSI Roma Participation Program – Budapest.

“Maskar Amende”

Description: Cultural and educational project for learning Roma history, culture, language and tradition with an aim to keep the identity of Roma people. The project is implemented through everyday meetings, and weekly lectures and tribunes. Instructors are Roma professors and well-known Roma activists. Young Roma have an opportunity to get know the history and culture of Roma through video, audio and written materials in the library.
Location: Macedonia / Kumanovo
Financier: Culture Program of SOROS Foundation – Budapest

“Informal Education”

Description: Three-year project for Roma education out of regular education process. In this center, we have two classrooms for pre-school and primary education. This project is realized following a program from the Ministry for Education and Science in co-operation with Worker University. The University made testing at the end of the school year.
Target group: 80 children
Location: Kumanovo
Financier: Canadian Embassy and Swiss Embassy

Reporter RCC “DROM” 1997-2002

Description: Published material on DROM’s activities 1997 – 2002. The reporter contains full information for the development of the organization, its activities and implemented projects with an aim to inform the publicity in and out of Macedonia. It was published in three languages: Macedonian, Roma and English.
Location: Macedonia / Europe
Financier: MCIC – Macedonian Center for International Cooperation and OSI – Roma Participation Program Budapest.

“The Decision is Yours”

Description: Publishing and distributing brochures, broadcasting audio materials, publishing educational material in daily newspapers, giving T-shirts and pencils on the Parliamentary elections in Macedonia 2002.
Goal: Education, in particular, of Roma population on voting
Location: Macedonia
Financier: Pax Christi – Netherlands

“National Training for Roma Local Mediators”

Location: Macedonia
Financier: OSCE ODIHR Warsawa – Roma and Stability Pact in South Eastern Europe

“Meeting on the Roma Refugee Question in the Balkans”

Location: Macedonia
Financier: OSCE ODIHR Warsawa – Roma and Stability Pact in South Eastern Europe

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