“Projects 2000”


”Non-governmental Working Group for the Refugee Question”

Activity: Formation of non-governmental working group from several organizations as Roma Centre Skopje, Caritas Esen – Skopje, Association for Roma Rights – Stip, Informative Centre for Human Rights, Roma Cultural Centre “Darhija”, and Roma activist and intellectual Elvis Ali. This group made a questionnaire for all Kosovo refugees in Macedonia.
Goal: To get relevant information on refugee’s opinion for their situation, their requests and education, and statistics on the number of refugees (the questionnaire included Roma, Ashkalies and Egyptians).
Location: Macedonia
Financed by OSCE ODIHR Warsaw in cooperation with OSCE Mission Skopje and UNHCR Skopje

“Education for Roma Children”

Target group: 100 Roma children at age of 5 to 15 coming from poor families grouped in two groups. Pre-school groups include children from poor families, and the group for non-formal education includes children who stopped their education or have not started it at all.
Location: Kumanovo
Financed by RPP-Budapest, Jews Organization from Switzerland, Romano Dialogue – Switzerland, MPDL – Spain and ECHO

“Roma Internet Club”

Goal: Developing interethnic relations through meetings and using Internet services
Location: Kumanovo
Financed by: IRC

“Infrastructure – Canalization in Length of 268 Meters”

Goal: Improving of the living conditions in Roma settlement Sredorek
Location: Roma settlement Sredorek
Financed by: Canadian Embassy with support of the Community of Kumanovo.
Realized in cooperation with IRC, KHAM and Community Sredorek

“Refugees Rights and Their Informing”

Goal: Refugees from Kosovo to get legal, social, health and humanitarian help
Realized by: the non-governmental working group
Location: Macedonia
Financed by OSCE ODIHR Warsaw and FOSIM

“Your Voice”

Activities: Making brochure and movie for the local elections in Macedonia. The brochure was distributed throughout Macedonia and the movie was broadcast on 18 TV stations in Macedonia.
Location: Macedonia
The brochure was financed by OSCE ODIHR Warsaw and OSCE Mission in Macedonia.
The movie was financed by ITZ.

“Monitoring of Elections by Representatives of Roma NGOs”

Goal: To inform about the local elections in Macedonia and the local elections in Albania.
Location: Macedonia and Albania
Financed by: OSCE ODIHR Warsaw


Goal: To release refugees from psychological stress and to develop friendship
Location: Refugee camps in Macedonian
Financed by: MPDL – Spain and ECHO

“Cooperation between Roma Communities”

Activity: International conference for young leaders from 20 Roma organizations in Europe
Location: Croatia and Macedonia
Financed by: Institute Open Society Croatia
Realized by: RCC “DROM” in partnership with the Croatian Roma Union

“It’s Whole When There is Everything”

Activity: Campaign to promote common values, multiethnic understanding, peace and stability in Macedonia. The campaign had a positive reaction among all nationalities.
Location: Macedonia / Kumanovo
Financed by: MCIC

“Improving Living Standards in Roma Settlements”

Goal: Installing canalization, waterworks and baskets for garbage.
Location: Roma settlements in Kumanovo
Financed by: MPDL-Spain in cooperation with ECHO, IRC – International Rescue Comittee, Community Kumanovo, JP Vodovod, JP Cistota i zelenilo, Roma Women Organization KHAM and Community of Sredorek

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