“Activities 2013”


Training with the first and second group of women involved in the local labour club.


The training takes place over a period of two weeks with 40 women

Training with the first group was held from 11 – 22.03.2013

Training with the second group was held from 03 – 14.06.2013

The first week of training participants are introduced to topics that aim to enhance personal skills:

  • Introduction with the project activates, participants and job trainer;
  • What you can offer: Skills for employability;
  • Understanding emotions;
  • Communication skills: listening-the key to positive relationships;
  • Self-respect and respect for others;
  • Learning styles;
  • The power of positive attitude;
  • Setting goals: let it become reality;

The second week of training, participants was familiarized with more topics to enhance their professional skills:

  • Career assessment tools – Part 1: What would you like to BSE profession?
  • Career assessment tools – Part 2: survey of interests;
  • Practical tools – biography;
  • Hygiene and dressing: first positive impression;
  • Develop self-confidence and trust in others;
  • Phase before the interview;
  • Practical tools – business cards;

Effective work habits

  • What it means to be a good employee;
  • What it means to be a good team player;
  • Responsibility; Assertiveness (assertiveness awareness of their rights and values):    speaking directly, honestly and with respect;
  • Practical Tools – Time Management;
  • Using social networks as a tool for finding a job;
  • sharing certificates;

•           Organizing a meeting with representatives from private companies.

Environmental protection in settlements dominated by Roma and raising public awareness towards health and quality of life.

  • removing the illegal landfill in the suburb Pero Chicho
  • Supply of urban equipment (Containers and mini fence) side paving, earth and grass
  • Campaign to raise public awareness of the Roma population
  • Preparation of promotional material
  • Media appearances
  • Reduced number of illegal dumps in the neighborhood Pero Cico.
  • Eco-projects for citizens.
  • New mini green area in Roma settlements
  • Raised awareness of neighborhood Pero Chicho for environmental protection
  • Reduced number of infectious diseases among younger generation.

-There is a lot of interest from the target audience for that content; The target group of the current track information communicated to the public through local media; Local Government exhibits a positive attitude and concern about taking initiatives to improve the quality of life of Roma from Kumanovo; There is interest among Roma from Kumanovo for their active participation in environmental actions; Creating trust in Roma to Local Government and institutions; Involving the business private – sector.

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