“Activities 2010”


“Logistics for the MON’s scholarship competition for high school Roma students”

As we were aware of, the MON’s scholarship competition for Roma students was open till February 3rd 2010.
RCC “DROM” was actively working to put the information out there, make it available to all Roma students; and explain all the terms.
RIC, Kumanovo had prepared announcements which were handed out to all high schools. The high school principles were informed as well so that they can cooperate and support this activity.
The headmasters spread the news among the Roma students and informed them that for more detail information they can contact RIC, Kumanovo.
After being informed, the students went to RIC, Kumanovo, where they were helped with the paperwork, forms, statements, and copies of the required documents.
All of the students, who were eligible for the scholarship, left the complete documentation at RIC offices, and the others were put on out list with their name and GPA from previous school year.
Kumanovo, as one of the larger communities in the country with a great number of Roma population, had very small number of Roma students who fulfilled the required GPA of 3, 00.
There were only 13 students from all the high schools from Kumanovo who had GPA of 3, 00; the rest of them had GPA lower than 3, 00.
Regarding this situation, we contacted Mr. Redzep Ali Chupi. We informed him about the problem and wanted to find out whether it is possible to change the terms for the scholarship and lower the GPA criteria from 3, 00 to 2, 50. Mr. Chupi gave us a negative response because they also have had a contract with REF with specified terms not eligible for alteration.
The number of students eligible for the scholarship were 13, which according to RIC, Kumanovo, is a very small number.

“Participation in Open Local Discussion for implementing employment policy in Macedonia”

In January, 18th, 2010, in the offices of Kumanovo municipality there was an open discussion for implementing employment policy in Macedonia organized by the Center for Civil Initiative, Prilep.
The participants were:
•    Mr. Mersel Biljali who discussed the global economic crises, how Macedonia is dealing with it; and the effects it has on the local economy;
•    Mr. Nano Ruzin had a presentation about Access to EU – how economic crises affects this process;
•    Mr. Zivko Siljanovski who had a topic – Solutions for local population and challenges for employment in the business sector.
Also, participants in the discussion were representatives of NGOs, Employment Agency, and Center for Social Services, Local Police, Kumanovo, Municipality Kumanovo, and the citizens of Kumanovo.

Activities taken regarding the operational plan for self-employment

On 25th of March, 2010 there was a contest for Programs/Self-Employment measures, Formalizing constant business, Pilot program, Support for additional employment in companies registered through the program for Self-Employment 2007 – 2008. This measures present part of the program content from the Government Operational Plan for Self-Employment 2010. This plan will be realized by UNDP, AVRM with the Centers for Employment, APPRM, MTSP, and other relevant institutions.
Since this contest was open till April 9th, and in between there were a lot of holidays, RIC, Kumanovo had to notify everyone on very short notice. Regarding the contest, RIC took the following actions:
•    Prepared announcements
Right after AVRM had announced the contest, RCC “DROM” Kumanovo, had prepared statement and published them on more significant places in Rome neighborhoods. Also, there were short informational pamphlets for the contest and where to find more detail information.
•    Informing the population through local media
On 29th of March, 2010, RIC Kumanovo was a guest at “Bravo”, the local radio station in order to spread the information about the contest. In the radio show, RIC explained in details the program for self-employment and formalization, and also explained the terms and procedures for it;
•    UNDP Visit
UNDP representative had visited RIC offices on March 31st, 2010. The representative was interested about the planned activities in order to better inform the Roma population. It was explained to him that the contest took place in a very short period. He informed us that everyone is aware of that and that there is a chance that the contest will be extended.
•    Informing people who work at the city green market in Kumanovo
On March 31st 2010 RIC, Kumanovo had prepared short informational pamphlets which were handed out to almost everyone who worked at the city green market. Besides short information about the program, the pamphlets contained the date for the informational meeting which was organized by RIC Kumanovo for more detail information regarding self-employment and formalization. Also, statements were made which were put at both of the market entrances. The purpose for this field information was for the people who work there, to let them know that they can register a company and have an opportunity to formalize their businesses.
•    Organizing a meeting with citizens at the offices of RIC along with the director of AVR, Kumanovo
On April 1st 2010 in the offices of RIC, there was a meeting with the director of AVR Kumanovo. At this meeting citizens who were interested in this program were present.
At the meeting, RIC Kumanovo had informed the guests about the terms and conditions of the program and for the applying procedure.
The procedures for self-employment and formalizing already existing businesses were explained in detail. Risks for closing those businesses were also pointed out. If a company is closed, the owners of the businesses will not be recorded as unemployed at the Employment Agency for a period of 3 years. The owners will also lose the right of receiving financial help from social services.
Interested parties could turn to the Director of AVR who was more than happy to answer all the questions.
•    Continuous meetings with citizens at RIC, Kumanovo
Till the end of the contest RIC offices were open for everyone interested. They all got explanations for the procedure and were sent for more help to the director of AVR, Kumanovo.

“Together for a better future”

In between the period: 01.02. – 01.04.2010 RCC “DROM” in cooperation with the Government of RM had realized the project “Together for a better future”.

The purpose of the project was improving the multi-ethnic life between the young people in Kumanovo and it was implemented in a three month period.

Along with the project, the following activities were realized:

•    Two workshops with a topic: “Surpassing the multi-ethnic intolerance at young people”;
•    Organizing two “Trainings for volunteer work”;
•    Printing flyers.

Finance: Government of RM

“IPA Funds, Decentralization, and Decade of Roma”

The project “IPA Funds, Decentralization, and Decade of Roma” has started on 01.01.2010 and it is going to end on 01.01.2011.
The project’s goal is to train representatives from the local government and NGOs and then prepare projects for the process of decentralization.
Activities realized so far:
•    Meeting with the Local Government from Kumanovo;
•    Meeting with previously formed coordinative body with members from institutions, local government and NGO;
•    Organized training for Decentralization;
•    Platform with topic: IPA funds and an opportunity for local economic development.

Finance: RPP

“Roma Mentors”

The main purpose of the initiative Roma Mentors was to connect experts of Roma culture with schools and NGOs or Community Centers, to provide changes in awareness and awakens among the children. Further on, there was a need to increase Roma culture knowledge and to provide opportunities for the children to enjoy the contacts of the experts. The project leader was the Roma culture and educational center “Darhija” and the same was implemented in the period September 2008 – June 2009. One of the NGOs included in the project was RCC “DROM” Kumanovo which provided logistic support by providing a fully equipped classroom and an experienced volunteer teacher for the children. The Mentor teaching was anticipated for 6 hours per month in one school year period. Students who had participated in the program were age 12-14.

Finance: Roma culture and educational center “Darhija”

III Round Table on “the principle of equitable representation and non discrimination as part of the Ohrid Framework Agreement” 24.12.2010

On 24.12.2010 in the premises of former committee Kumanovo (Meeting room) the third round table was held on topic: “The principle of equitable representation and non discrimination as part of the Ohrid Framework Agreement” and the following conclusions were made:

  • Discrimination law is ready and includes all discriminated groups and all types of direct and indirect discrimination but that it is currently a priority of the the secretariat, and it expects cooperation with nongovernmental organizations to implement of the same
  • In the municipality of Kumanovo there is bilingual school where children learn multiple languages, and organize events involving different ethnic groups.
  • Most attendees agreed that the Secretariat employs people and that the agreement was made ​​only for employment of people of Albanian ethnicity in the administration.
  • The Secretariat is committed also for education where you have all the children of different ethnic affiliation to learn in one place and use of the other languages ​​in education.
  • The municipality set up policies that strengthen interethnic dialogue and the municipality of Kumanovo is the only municipality in Macedonia that in the council have four official languages​​, including: Roma, Albanian, Serbian and Macedonian.

In the offices of municipality of Kumanovo there is no single Roma employed.

This round-table e part of the project “Together for development of municipality of Kumanovo” witch the Roma Community  Center “DROM” as part of the program of the UN “ Improvement of the inter-ethnic dialog and cooperation between communities”

The goal of this round-table is that the citizens get info about the Ohrid framework Agreement

Workshop on topic “Opposites attract” 22.02.2011

Organizing of workshop “opposites attract” The goal of this workshop was of cohesion of young people from different ethnic communities and overcome mutual prejudices. At the workshop were invited and participated 80 students from different ethnic backgrounds from four high schools in the city. On this workshop the young people met:

–          visual presentation of what conflicts in example conflicts that began in the personality and each person can be well-intentioned or egoist.

–          Types of stereotypes could be of the basis of gender, religious, professional, national and pointed several examples of them. Stereotypes descended from the media, family, school, friends, executives leaders, with a word from our entire environment;

–          Base of conflict – one man’s egoism;

–          Sources and types of conflicts;

This round-table e part of the project “Together for development of municipality of Kumanovo” witch the Roma Community  Center “DROM” as part of the program of the UN “ Improvement of the inter-ethnic dialog and cooperation between communities”

The goal of this round-table is that the citizens get info about the Ohrid framework Agreement

Round-table on topic: “Decentralization as part of the Ohrid Framework Agreement”

On 18.11.2010 (Thursday) starting from 13:00h in the premises of former committee Kumanovo (Meeting room) the second roundtable will be hold on topic: “Decentralization as part of the Ohrid Framework Agreement”

This round-table e part of the project “Together for development of municipality of Kumanovo” witch the Roma Community  Center “DROM” as part of the program of the UN “ Improvement of the inter-ethnic dialog and cooperation between communities”

The goal of this round-table is that the citizens get info about the Ohrid framework Agreement.

The perspectives of the Ohrid Agreement have been represented 5.11.2010

Ohrid framework agreement should not be used by any means for gaining political points and to be promoted only when it’s in benefit of the current government and to be criticized by the opposition

Because of the implementation of the politics the citizens don’t have the clear picture of what is true because of the politicians – says Prof. Mersal Biljali on today’s roundtable  for the Perspectives of the framework agreement  in front of the NGO’s sector, the institutions, local government and the citizens.

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